How will the process work?

6 quick steps of getting your website and social media sorted

  1. Sign up through our easy online process. We will contact you for 15 minute consultation
  2. Fill in a very short form with all your relevant details (+- 8 minutes)
  3. Choose a template, provide us with your current content and we do the rest
  4. Approve the email’s coming from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin to verify your social media account.
  5. We now generate your website and online profiles on Facebook, Google, Linkedin
  6. You make small adjustments if need be. We adjust and tweak to go live

The 4 easy steps of getting content monthly onto your website and social media platform

  1. We curate or write new content
  2. We send you a link to the content
  3. You approve it and sign it off
  4. We post and share it on your behalf.

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